Tech Tip Poster

The tech tip I completed this week was the Automotivator tool for creating motivational posters! This tech tip definitely brought back some waves of nostalgia from elementary and middle school when these posters were all over the classroom and even my dentist's office. 

For my poster, instead of creating the sort of standard high-energy motivational poster, I decided to make a poster that was a little more calming. I usually don't struggle too much with motivation, since I'm a very Type-A person who likes to have everything organized and done ahead of time! As a result, I usually instead struggling with stress and find it really difficult to take a breath and relax. So, this is my poster to help remind and motivate me to take a moment to just relax! Although the phrase "one day at a time" is pretty overused, I find it to be a really helpful reminder to try and not plan too far ahead and just enjoy the day for what it is.

I was able to find a nice, calming image for my poster on Pexels, which is a great resource for royalty-free and creative commons images to use for projects like this blog! The specific image I used can be found here, and was created by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi. 


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